Not sure if a landlord is legit

Hi found a place on a different site and the ‘landlord’ say they use open rent but can find the listing on here.
The rent seems low, they have asked for my details to pass onto open rent

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100 % Scam if ever I saw one


pay before view . Not a chance that that is a good idea

Must be Craiglist. It’s full of such scams.

I got some text from a person letting 3 bed house in Barnet some story as you just said, I do believe is a scam: there it is:
Unfortunately, I cannot be there in person and we need a secure way of processing. That’s why I decide to use OpenRent service as this is one of the largest rental website in UK.
That means: after you get the booking request and make payment via OpenRent, you will receive the keys and the contract within 48 hours. As soon as you have received the keys, visit the property. If you decide against the property after the viewing, send me the keys back, the contract is invalid and OpenRent will transfer the money back to you! If you like the property, sign the contract and contact OpenRent to confirm your decision. After your confirmation, OpenRent will then transfer the money to my account. I hope everything is clear now.
If you are really interested in renting, I need your full name,address, tel number, email address and a copy of your driver’s license or passport, to which I can send you the legally valid contract and the property keys.
The monthly rent is £1300. The deposit is £500. The deposit is paid only once and is refunded at the end of the rental period. You have to pay through OpenRent a full month + deposit to receive the keys and the contract.
If you agree with this procedure, please send the required details that I ask above, and I will begin the procedure with OpenRent.

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Ask them to send the “booking request”, see if they setup an account with OR, then report to see how OR deal with it. Obviously do not disclose any details about yourself.

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