Scam. Suspicions

Has anyone had any trouble on here being scammed?

Scams normally originate from Facebook, scammer usually asks for ID and payment straight away, tells tenant openrent are doing viewings or will arrange for keys to be sent.

Hacked genuine landlord accounts seems likely also.

Whats the issue?

There are many scammers around pretending to use Openrent, but often using immitation websites. Check emails & websites visited are the correct, and not some random foreign domain. is very secure for Landlords and tenants.

Hi! I’ve just signed a tenancy contract and OpenRent asked me to pay the deposit and first rent asap. I’ve tried to pay and my bank blocked the payment, because of high risk of scams.
Before of that, I’ve paid the holding deposit, I’ve got the receipt, the contract is signed by both parties.

How to know if they are scammers or not?