Notice to quit from open rent

Open rent collect the rent for my property which is let for 6 months ending 31/12/01 I would like them to issue a notice to quit on that date but can’t contact them
Any advice?

That is solely your responsibility. That is not something you get from OR.

Have a look in this forum and other parts of the internet to make sure you get it right, or contact a solicitor to do it for you

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Thanks for the advice I’m a newbie

No worries. Do take time to look at the rules properly as if you get it wrong and get to court you have to start all over again.

Look at National Landlords Association

This is not a service that OpenRent provide. Probably just as well, because it is very difficult to contact them to discuss issues about anything. Their contact number connects you to someone who can provide no advice and passes your message to another person who eventually responds. This means delay and confusion are common. Not ideal.