Notice to tenants to show new potential tenant

I have an HMO one tenant has moved out, I have a potential new tenant how much notice do I have to give existing tenants, I gave 14 hours one tenant is demanding 24 hours. Is this correct. Any help

I have a strong feeling its 24 hours

Usually it’s 24hrs but some tenants do’t mind

Look at your lease. It usually says

If you own outright, 24 hours. We just had to get a court order fir a tenant who refused access & it stated 24 hours

I may have missed something here but if you’re asking whether you have to give notice to the other tenants for a new tenant to move in, then it depends. Assuming that they each have a room only tenancy, (since if its a joint tenancy one tenant can’t just individual end their bit of it), then you don’t have to give notice at all as the other tenants only have a tenancy on their rooms and you control the other parts. Having said that, it is, of course common courtesy to give them some notice or a new tenant and possibly involve them in some way.

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