Offered 6 month renewal


My question is related to being offered a renewal of contract after having served my initial 6months.

I would like to renew but under the condition that the landlord replaces 3 rooms with new carpet and underlay.

When I first moved in I did comment to the letting agents and they were to pass my comments.
To add I have bee. Proactive in keeping the property in good order, so it’s not a case of being indifferent.
I accepted this property due to having a small dog and location.
My rent is 675 2xbed flat.
Is it unreasonable to request this without expectation of rent increase?
Or have you got alternative idea?

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The landlord is not under obligation to replace carpets and you may not succeed in your demands.
Most rentals are furbished with carpets, but not underlay. Expecting underlay may be unreasonable.
They may have offered the property to you on the basis that they would be indifferent to your having a pet as they would not mind if it got damaged.
You may have your request refused or be faced with an increase in rent.


Thanks for your reply.
The property doesn’t have underlay and the carpet is several years old.
I don’t think it’s unreasonable request and I’m certainly not demanding.
Also with winter coming it will be more economic, instead of cold floors.
The reason I asked this question is down to logical conclusion.
If I take up the 6month renewal or go month by month basis.
They will have a guaranteed income with a reliable tenant.
Happy to hear your thoughts.

I appreciate your sentiment ref winter, but If there is currently no underlay there is no legal requirement for them to provide it.

I always provide underlay .nice under the feet

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If they were to put a new carpet in then underlay would be inexpensive at the same time. However, it is entirely down to the landlord whether he wants to change the carpet.

There is always, if the LL agrees, the possibility of you putting new carpet in yourself if your plan is to stay for a longer period.

That is very kind of you.

I try to do up my places as if I were to live there . In fact in the early days I did live in two of them.

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I am afraid if I did that for students we would be bankrupt. I know of one local student landlord that put down cord carpet and replaced it every year as it was so damaged. We wash the carpets annually to give them longevity; it’s cheaper than changing the carpet and better for the environment. Carpet cleaners have come along way in 20 years!

I get that . It does not suit every situation

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Thanks for the insight and for the record I’m a working professional not a student.
I thought as an incentive to keep a reliable tenant for short term would entice the LL to upgrade the carpet as a minimum.
But all your responses all taken kn board.

I wouldn’t put new carpet into a house with a dog. I might be persuaded to lay a laminate floor if the carpets were really bad, but normally if I am letting to someone with pets I reduce the rent a little bit to reflect the carpets being worn, and they don’t need to worry about them.


It’s a difficult situation because the rent probably reflects the quality of furnishings. I know if I have luxury carpets I charge more rent as its relative to the quality of the property.

Another thing to consider is because you offer staying 6 months it doesn’t mean the landlord is making another £4050 (£675pm x 6). When you take off mortgage, insurance, ground rent, service charges, maintenance, tax, safety reports etc his profit could be less than £1000. 3 x carpets could cost £600. That’s £400 in 6 months (of course these are random numbers plucked out of the air but they’re not unrealistic).

So it’s not always easy to just outlay money for some landlords. I personally always provide quality furnishings that don’t get too worn (but I charge rent that reflects this) and if your carpets are in a dire state and look scruffy then I can also appreciate why you want new ones. I guess you can only ask and see what he/she says. Maybe send some photos to show how tired they look. Good luck!

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You can ask for it but if I was the landlord I would say no. Unless you agree to put the rent up.

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Maybe @Colin3 but you never rent to pet owners do you?

That is correct especially as other sharers of a common area have asthma

I only own one, but I’m totally the same - I lived there & know all the things that need replacing, I’ve slowly been getting it all done up & in turn my tenants really appreciate it.

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