Carpet Replacement

We have been renting our home for about 9 years. The carpets were new but quite cheap and after about 5 years they were frayed and had humps where they had stretched. We paid for a replacement ourselves at no cost to the landlord as we prefer to be self-sufficient. 4 years later these are now in a sorry state due to a combination of cheap carpets laid on old underlay, and with it being a small house (bungalow) where EVERYWHERE is a high traffic area.
Is it unreasonable to ask my landlord to replace the carpets?

Thank you,

No not unreasonable. If you have been a good tenant and the LL has any sense, after 9 years of cheap carpets and poor underlay, they should be fully prepared to replace it. An investment in better quality (if can be afforded) would pay for itself.

No, its not unreasonable, although you should be aware that unless the carpets are in a dangerous state, (eg trip hazard), he can decline.

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