Openrent use re-listing

Does anyone know how to access previous listings, more than a month old. The Dashboard seems empty. Where is the Duplicate the listing option
Thanks, Anna

If you say previous listing, did you actually get enquiries , referenced tenants, let the property, tenant and guarantor signed the contract? If any of the above is “yes”, I think you should have an option on your dashboard or a bold link to “previous” listing or “manage tenant” or “report issue”

Any of the above links should take your to the listing.

Worst case, send OPen rent a message requesting the link.

Thanks Charles. Yes to all the questions yet the Dashboard states ‘no listings’ and l cannot find a Duplicate Listing option.
Wrote to 0penrent - had responses but, so far, repetitive and not useful.

Hi @Anna43 - We can’t see any adverts under this account I’m afraid.

Did you perhaps use a different email address last time you used OpenRent? Do you have a link to the original advert so we can take a look?