Our management co requires us to pay £65+ VAT registration fee for each tenancy

That’s what they say:

  1. Notice on the grant of eac tenancy (even if this is to the same party).
  2. The registration fee of £65 plus VAT or the fee specified in the lease, whichever is greater.
  3. A copy of the TenancyAgreement.

We bought the flat outright without BTL mortgage. Just curious, what will happen if LL don’t pay this fee?
We already paid for selective licensing for some of our properties, and when we required help with anti-social behaviour of neighbours (our TT almost left), they said it had nothing to do with them. This management co has really poor reviews online, too. We resent paying money for nothing but want to know where we legally stand.
Thank you.

It’s not simarc by any chance?

You would technically be in breach of lease. They wouldn’t know about it though.

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Hazelvine. With reviews they get, we can rest assured that they won’t do any investigative work (or any work at all). We had a nightmare of a time getting any information out of them while buying the property. Cash buyers, and it took us 4.5 months to complete the purchase because it took them 2-3 months to provide the necessary documents.
Somebody suggested to pay it once, and then forget about it (not to invaliddate the insurance).

I am not sure if this affects or invalidates insurance still even if you pay it once as the name of tenant will be different.

I wouldn’t sleep easy.