Overseas landlord and rent collection

Hello Community, I am an overseas landlord and I need to apply for an non-resident landlord, application to have UK rental income without deduction of UK tax. NRL1 form.
Details here:

I wonder how that plays with Rent Collection when it collection goes through OpenRent.
Anyone has any experience on this?


Hi Anthony,

We’re only able to offer rent collection to UK resident landlords for this reason. On our opt in page it says:

Our Rent Collection service is only available if you are a UK resident. By enabling this service you are stating that you are a UK resident.

Hope that helps,

Thanks for clarifying that for me Sam.


Does that also mean that RGI is not an option?

If your tenants pass referencing, or provide guarantors who do, then you will be able to access Rent Guarantee Insurance for £89 per year.

Hello, I’m likely to be moving abroad and would like to use open rent to rent my house as we’ve already sourced a tenant. Can I use OpenRent? A first glance the tax payable on the first month’s rent after your (very reasonable) fees would exceed the £100 tax exemption for tenant-finders.