Paid 6 month advance, requesting refund


Needs some advice. Im 32, female and having problems with the landlady. House was advertised as an all female household. Landlady gave full responsibility of finding tenant to the remaining tenants from creating the listing on spareroom to conducting the viewings,

2 tenants are leaving and landlady has agreed to let one of the room a 74 year old man! There are no locks on our bedroom doors, there was no prior discussion, I spoke to the landlady, explained my reasoning for not wanting a man in the house and she doesn’t care. I paid 6 months up front but I don’t think I’m tied to 6 month tenancy. I’m 2 months in. Do I have to get right to ask for the balance back?

Please help?

If this female-only agreement is verbal, you won’t be able to prove it. Did the LL promise that in the future it will remain female-only household in the future?

Yes, you’re bound by agreement. Why did you pay 6 months in advance?

“I don’t think i’m tied to a 6 month tenancy”…Have you had a read of the tenancy agreement as hopefuly it will clarify your obligations. I’m assuming you have rented a ‘single room’ with shared access to communal areas.

Re the female only household, I think you’d need to have a look at the original advert and/or your tenancy agreement to see how this is referred to, to see what was promised.

The listing said female (ideally). There was no discussion as to whether we were okay having a male tenant, he is just moving in which I think is a bit unfair.

Landlady gave full responsibility to tenants to created the advert.

I checked my agreement and it’s minimum 6months

Why are there no locks to individual rooms? Did you pay a deposit? How many people live in the house, I presume it’s a HMO.

The word “ideally” shows that there was no promise (or agreement) in place. In this case, it’s a bit of misunderstanding. Sorry that having males in a property is unacceptable for you.

You will have to honour your agreement. You probably could do an immoral thing and moonflip if you only paid a month in advance. Now you’re tied, and I’m glad your LL doesn’t have to suffer because you misunderstood her.

at least put a bolt on the inside of the door

Just think of the stories he could tell you (albeit the same one several times a day). Bet he knows how to cook a good casserole.


How many tenants /rooms in this place?

I have spoken to the old tenants and the landlady basically gave them responsibility of find me, from creating the ad to conducting the viewings. then proceeded to blame the tenants for misleading me. Why are the tenants doing her job.

Having a male would be so bad. just came as a shock I admit, I reacted poorly. I’m not there is nothing to worry about. He could be a lovely person. However I asked if she could put a lock on my door so i would feel more comfortable and she is not prepared to do so. I asked for permission to install one myself and she is refusing. She has been nothing very defensive and condescending. Saying if i want locks on the door then I should have moved somewhere else and if I can get over my trust issues then i should leave. She is also someone who works with people who have experienced trauma who was expecting a little more understanding.

Earlier she wanted to come to the property either today or tomorrow. I suggested tomorrow would be best kindly reminding her she needs to provide 24 hours notice and she responded she can let herself in at anytime.

Trying to handle calmly and logically but she is makign is very difficult.

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It’s shocking that this person works with PTSD survivors. Apart from the lock issue, do you really want to have her as your landlady? I would put up with her fro 6 months and move on as soon as I’m no longer bound by the agreement.
When we rented a shared accommodation, our LL also let himself in without warning into the communal areas. However, he never went into our room uninvited. I wonder if your LL wants to keep an eye on how you’re looking after the room without asking your permission.

Did you pay a deposit. How many people live at the property. Is it a H M O ?

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