Paid Holding Deposit, never met landlord and live abroad

Hello, I used Open Rent to arrange for viewing a property. The landlord and I talked over WhatsApp and we finally arranged for me to view the property. It was the tenant -rather than the landlord- showing the flat. All looks good, exactly like in the photos. The conversation continued with the landlord over email. I made a written offer and shared personal details (bank, passport, references). After checking all this, she accepted my offer and provided a personal bank account to pay the deposit. I did. She now sent a contract to be signed and scanned. She requested me to pay full deposit and rent before delivering the keys. She confirmed that it will be the tenant sharing the keys as she does not live in Central London/ UK. I asked her for proof of identity but she denied sharing her ID/Passport. Instead, she sent the property register with Camden Council. I check in UK Land Register and all it’s the same (number, name, address). I wonder if to move ahead with doing the subsequent payments (deposit and rent) before getting the keys and considering that, it seems, I will never meet her in person. I have to move ahead tomorrow. Please advise what I should do! Thanks. Maria C

Have you actually had a conversation on phone?

It’s sounds feasible it’s true.

Did you chat with tenant?

Paying outside of openrent is normal.

You could check land registry if they own. (£3)

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Thanks Mark. I did check the land registry and all seems good. She sent pdfs and the Land Registry provides the same info. It’s good to know that’s important.
I will try to call her. Never talked over the phone. Just messages and emails.
The tenant said she was very happy in the place and had a good relationship with the landlord. The only ackward is to do all online without even meeting landlord in person once!

It all sounds fine to me.

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Thanks for your feedback David!