Confused 😕 tenant

Hi all, i have seen a property that i would like to rent but the landlord lives abroad. She advised me that if i wanted to proceed the best way to be secure is going through openrent. She said that once i get the booking request, i should send the deposit and one month in advance, the keys and the contract would then be sent to me in 48 hours and then i can view the property. If i do not want to proceed after the viewing, then i simply return the keys and openrent would then send my money back to me. My question is, is this normal? Ive never rented like this before and im a bit nervous. Many thanks

better to view the place first and then pay

Never send any money before viewing.
Any sensible landlord references tenant before offering them a tenancy.

The landlord lives in spain. Could i suggest a holding deposit then get tge keys to view

The landlord will send you the keys?

Openrent do an attended viewing service that the landlord pays for. This seems the most obvious choice.

The return of any holding deposit placed through openrent requires the landlord to action this.

this deal sounds too much in the landlords favour and reliant on them being honest

Okay thanks :blush: i agree, just wanted to check that this isnt the norm

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