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Paying 6 months upfront


We are not from the uk and the funds references we showed the landlord are not sufficient for him.
He told us he would agree only if we pay 6 months up front. Is there a way to do that through the OpenRent system or only with a private bank transfer?
This is a lot of money and If we do that we want to be protected as possible. Do you have other tips for us?


Hi, thanks for your post!

We don’t have any way of handling any rent in advance as part of our Rent Now process unfortunately, we are only able to take a payment for the first month. However, we do have advice for anyone that is thinking of setting up a tenancy with a private landlord, and especially when handing over any funds to them directly.

Please drop us an email at if you want to discuss anything else regarding setting up this tenancy and we’ll do our best to advise.


I would ask for the landlord’s bank statements to make sure LL keeping up with any mortgages. Because remember when you have paid 6 month upfront, you have more to lose. If the LL home gets repossessed, which isn’t unheard of, you get kicked out without notice and lose your money.