Payment to agent

Hi we are new to Open Rent and we want to pay our deposit - but the bank details are for a person - that we are assuming is the Agent - so our bank is advisiing us not to send the payment.
Can someone confirm that this the normal practice ?

It depends. A landlord can do it either way. If in doubt contact openrent.

Thank you for your reply - just dont want to send a big sum of money to anyone !

Question - should we be paying the money before we have viewed the property ?

Pay a deposit on a place you have not seen ??? Are you joking . Would you put a deposit on a car before you have seen it?

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Anyone who asks this is probably a scammer.

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That is committing to rent even without seeing it! Even it is genuine ( which is highly unlikely) , it is another form of scam!!!

As we thought ….thank you

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