Peaceful enjoyment of the property - interruptions

My live-in landlady, has her family coming over every night over a couple of months now and staying till 2 am - can I request silence after 10 pm and what are my rights if I am not provided a basic right to enjoy my home without any unnecessary disturbance? She also does house works in the evenings and weekends when I am back from work which is noisy and I cant rest. Because her family I cant use kitchen. I developed insomnia and planning to go to GP. What can I do legally?

First, tell the landlady the impact their work and visitors are having on you and that it would be helpful if your landlady can do something about it. Do this at least twice, a few days apart, no more than a week apart. On the third reminder, tell the landlady that they have broken the terms of their agreement and that, tongue in cheek, you are entitled to compensation (not true I think) and you can raise this with the Council noise abatement office or landlord licensor (if your area is covered by landlord licensing) and this could lead to massive fines (£100s usually, but up to £30,000 in my licenced area) if they don’t take action to comply with the terms of their agreement: to allow you to enjoy your stay there without harassment or hindrance. In the meantime, keep a record of the disturbances and lack of access to the facilities that you once enjoyed.

WARNING: I wrote the above as if she were a landlord. As she is a live-in landlady, she is not likely to be a landlord in legal terms, so she probably does not need to be licensed, but she does need to comply with any agreement that you have, so seek advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau and Shelterline on 0808 800 4444.
Good luck

surely you would of calculated this as a possible unforeseen real possibility prior to moving in hence you would or should of found your rights out then, not now!

My advise is directly given to your question which is what can i legally do about it, well the answer is simple, MOVE OUT
i strongly advise you against following the advise that John provided as the advice is floored as he knows it is hence is footnote disclaimer as you are not a tenant and have no rights

I would say to her I will have to move as its too noisy for me. If she wants you too stay she will do something about it. If not ,move

Move - if she values you she’ll stop. Maybe she wants you out anyway ?