People on Benefits

Do you except people who is on benefits

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Some landlords who advertise on open rent do accept those on benefits.

If you can offer a guarantor and have savings or offer rent in advance you will have more of a chance, it’s very competitive.

Do you mean except or accept? They are opposites.

You need to ask the actual landlord whose property you are asking about

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why are you asking us?

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Housing Benefit Discrimination is Unlawful

A ‘no DSS’ policy is when an agent refuses to rent to anyone who gets universal credit or housing benefit.

This could include when agents:

  • refuse to let you view an affordable property
  • won’t consider you for a tenancy because you get benefits
  • advertise properties as ‘no DSS’, ‘no benefits’ or ‘working professionals only’

Is Housing Benefit Discrimination is Unlawful?

It is not unusual for private landlords and letting agents to advertise properties to let stating that they will not accept applications from people who rely on Housing Benefit (HB) to pay their rent.

Despite the Department of Social Security not having existed since 2001, the phrase used in adverts is usually “No DSS”. This has raised the question of whether such restrictions amount to unlawful discrimination. Although unlikely to amount to direct discrimination, as income and employment status are not protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010, it has long been argued that it could amount to indirect discrimination in some cases.

Would you rent to someone who is fit and healthy but makes benefits their lifestyle choice with no intention of ever working and has never worked? Would these be way down your list?


way down the list ? They will not be on it in the first place


All people on benefits are not faking it. Believe me, the amount you get would hardly make it a great life style choice. You can protect your rent entitlement by have DWP pay you the housing component of their benefits which they will do.

So is that a yes or no? You’ve skirted around it.

Some peoples standards are far lower. Some people find “creative ways” to increase their income.

Housing Benefit is not typically paid direct to LL unless tenant defaults on rent. Even then the tenant can stop the direct payment at any time…so bang goes your protection idea.


Housing benefit can be stopped being paid direct by the tenant . Did you know this ???

Also, @Patricia2, did you know that if you have rent paid directly to you, LL insurance premiums are higher? Insurance companies deem the tenant a higher risk because they assume that the tenant isn’t responsible enough to pay the rent to the LL when they get the benefit payment.

As a benefit claimant who has been fortunate enough to find somewhere to rent now I must be honest I appreciate it is somewhat frustrating and infuriating that seemingly no ine wants to help you get a property and I was AT FIRST of the same opinion as Patricia and thought also that in.this day and age ANYONE can be “out of work” in the blink of an eye and may struggle then to pay their rent and that it was discrimination against benefit claimants and that we were all being stereotyped as lazy and untidy etc
However, after thinking about the situation and speaking OPENMINDEDLY on here with EXPERIENCED and KNOWLEDGEABLE landlords, I fully understand
Someone working can only be assessed on what information is available to the LL at the time they ibv dont know what the future holds
When a benefit claimant (which I am Both UC and CA) wants the benefit paid “direct to a landlord” as stated above it can give the impression that tenant is not fully in control of their finances also (I belive) this is not an option offered by every HA/Council
Also aside from that there is (as is usual with benefits) sometimes a delay in paying which then delays the payments to the landlords and when the tenant moves out of there is a query or dispute over payments they stop them without informing landlord thus causing arrears which the landlord (through no fault of their own) has to then wait till.there is a resolve in the case and either swallow.a loss (which is unjustified to expect ANYONE to do) or arrange at their own expense and te etc for the arrears to be settled as well as the rent continued to be paid
I personally can now see it from.a landlords perspective as well as seeing it from.a tenants


I doubt many LLs here directly discriminate, but I guess others will. But reality is we get 90 applicants per flat so we have to discriminate to sort from 90 to 1. Or I guess we could draw a ball from a sack like FA Cup draw?

You can request rent paid to you and also if a tenant doesn’t pay, you can go to DWP and get the money that way. It might be difficult, but you will get your housing component of DWP benefits. That being said, it’s never enough to cover rent. I think it may currently be about 25% only.

Yes, I had literally just said that.
They need to default multiple times/be 2 months in arrears before DWP will consider direct payment.
Tenant can stop the direct payment should they wish to at any time.
Landlord must pay back any amounts tenant not entitled to.

Would you rent to someone who has never worked, and is not on DLA?


The tanant can request to have the landlord directly.
Not all people on benefits are slackers. I have 3 conditions that put me on PIP. So please remember that. I am in a Travelodge because i cant find anywhere. The council have money ready and waiting if i find one.

I have tenants on DLA and PIP.

But as mentioned multiple times, the tenant can request the direct payment to be stopped at any time. Not all LA allow it and its usually only after arrears.


probably have to repeat it multiple times in the future !!

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