Discrimination against DSS

Just got off the phone to these people , been told off the guy on the phone who had a bad attitude they have a policy not to rent to people on benefits .

Hi Nicholas, who did you mean when you said ‘these people’?


I had recently a few experience even I have allowed dss and when had enquires. I had enquires to from for viewing the property. I called to ask a few basic question before making any viewing appointment.
Some woman with young child and when you tell them flats are not suitable for child as all open plan mezzanine bedroom even advertised keep telling me off and with bad attitudes.

I do understand as so many people are losing jobs and would be applying for some sorts of benefits. Also if they got jobs and then chances of losing jobs are high too so I do not allow anyone with benefits.

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Hi Prafula,

Thanks for your post. We strongly advise all our landlords to assess each applicant on their own merits. It can be the case that benefit income is more reliable than earned income.

Gillian (Sam is on holiday!)


When your not allowing people on benefits to rent a property that is discrimination . I have been at college for 3 years and have never had a problem paying my rent , but people like me get looked down on by landlords and estate agent .

I can see how this can be frustrating for you and while some landlords could be accused of discrimination it’s a lot more complicated than that. Take Prafula, she was happy to consider applicants on benefits but rightly was concerned about safety issues.
There are many issues a landlord has to consider and it’s not always just about if the tenant id claiming benefits.


Hi Gillian

I am aware of that and I already have one tenant receiving housing as her income is not enough.

Also I got a prospective tenant who will be on benefit.

But my main point was that since our apartments are not young child friendly and safe so that is I would not consider in that young woman with a child.

I am aware of the discrimination laws and I have never discriminated anyone. But people should understand and look at the advert properly before making enquiry if it’s suitable for child or not.


Refusing a tenant on the basis of them being in receipt of universal credits or benefits is discrimination.

Please change your policy on allowing ‘DSS Income Accepted’ on your adverts OpenRent, as you are assisting with this unlawful discrimination.

surely" DSS accepted"is positive so they have no fear of rejection on those grounds?

There does not seem to be a law about discrimination against people on benefits if there was there would be no estate agents open they would of all been shut down by now.
Right move do it as well as open rent.

Some cases may be classed as indirect discrimination under the Equality Act 2010. Thankfully things are changing quickly regarding this. Watch this space.

in life we all have our favourites and base our decisions on our principles, or the way we were brought up. So we discriminate in our friends, the shops we visit, the countries we go to,. the employment we choose etc . Theres one good way to help stop any discrimination to benefit tenants. PAY LANDLORDS THE RENT DIRECTLY

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Hi Nicholas
Do you have anyone that could act as a guarantor?
Or could you offer to pay rent insurance to any potential landlord?
Have you considered getting a tenant passport?
You could contact SHELTER and ask them to be your rent guarantor.

I have had 3 female students who went to college they were great, their parents were guarrantors. Looked after the place

I have a guarantor but it does not even get to the stage of them asking me that ,

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Sorry to hear that Nicholas ,I am at a loss as to how you can move forward.
What area are you hoping to rent in?
Do any landlords have any advice for Nicholas?

I am trying to get a property in Tameside because i will be studying at tameside college this year, but having no luck.

Do the college have anyone in office that keeps a list of rental properties that are available to students?
Rightmove used to have a tick box that showed properties marked as student friendly.

most student friendly properties just rent one room out to students and you have to share the rest of the house.

I posted my property again on Open Rent before I gave it to the property management company, and immediately I was asked if I would consider Housing Benefit. I have had HB tenants previously, had a very mixed experience with both.