Permitted occupier Right To Rent

Not an area ive had experience with - Can anyone confirm if a permitted occupier requires “right to rent” check carried out? only refers to lodgers and tenants requiring one.

Whats safest way to permit without altering the AST? I do however want to know who this person is and want to see ID etc, what info can i actually request?

request passport or driving licence any thing with a picture on It. .Up to you …When you say a permitted occupier you mean its by marriage or a dependant? There is also a gov website to ceck a persons right to rent

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Tenants partner (boyfriend) of one year.

I was considering getting them to sign an addendum or similar.

Would a new lease be better .? Problem with boy /girl friends moving in is that often these relationships do not last long.

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i think given the timing, a new AST would work best as it ties in well with an imminent rent increase.

As you say, new relationships and breakups likely. Shes understandably tentative and not considering joint tenancy.

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What im not sure of is the extent of info i can request from the proposed permitted occupier IE name and address, employer, salary etc.

from what i remmber the pemitted occupier does not need to pay the rent . it is up to the tenant to do so . and if push comes to shove it requires a seperate court order to evict them

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You still have to check their Right to Rent even if not named on Tenancy agreement if over 18.

You can call the Home Office if you want advice.


Would think you can request to see anything you want as long as you tell them how you will be using and storing the information?

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Is there a distinction between permitted occupier and tenant though. Can you credit check a permitted occupier? all the government blurb references “tenant”.

you can check a permitted occupier if over 18


I don’t know about what others do, I have been bitten badly with the tenant moving in adults without consenting me, each time would say girlfriend, family etc and not even give me out their full names, since then I make it clear on the contract that no additional occupiers unless they are visitors staying less than 1 month. Still it may not work as costs rise and tenants will look to sublet

The permitted occupier will need a right to rent check. I would not recommend starting a new tenancy or attempting to alter the existing one. The PO will not acquire any tenancy rights and you cant accept rent from them so you dont need to reference/credit check them. Any payment they make to the tenant will be between them.

How would you recommend “accepting” them as a PO? Should this be in writing or is verbal with tenant suffice? I would still like to know details about them.

The rent is increasing so thought could tie in with this in AST? There’s a provision in it already for a PO.

you said she is not considering a joint tenancy So do not do that . Relationship can flounder Big difference in living with someone and not living with them You can check on him all you like but i would not put him on an agreement


So really just tell tenant verbally yes it’s ok for him to stay as a PO, after right to rent check, and leave it at that?

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I have had males move in and out again . I never verbally give permission or take rent off them The female is the tenant. If the PO says he has your permission he may be considered a tenant by a court? I would not put anything in writing .You say there is provision for a PO in the contract already? So anyone can arrive ?

No, it’s optional. It has the clause but requires a specific name for permission to be valid.

Makes sense to tell her verbally it’s ok, I’ll still do the RTR check.

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Whatever you are happy with , for a good nights sleep !