Permitted occupier Right To Rent

If she leaves and he doesn’t then tenant is liable for the rent so it might be important to make sure permitted occupier is recognised by both parties. I wonder if something written is better than verbal in case there is a dispute.

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You could make it verbal. I think Id probably write to the tenant something along the lines of: “As discussed, I am content for you to allow Mr X Y to share the use of the property Z with you as a permitted occupier for a period of your choosing but subject to the requirement that you are also living at the property. Mr X Y will not be permitted to pay rent and will not acquire any tenancy rights.”


The government blurb says a tenant who isn’t named on the tenancy agreement.

If they are not named, would this make them a permitted occupier by default?

It might just be the government website wording, calling everyone tenants.


Anyone living at a rented property, whether tenant, licensee, lodger, permitted occupier or long term house guest needs a right to rent in the UK.


Is the LL liable if any tenant moves someone in who hasnt been checked, and how could the LL control this, you cant stop people from moving lovers ect in

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If the landlord knows about it and permits it, it could still be a criminal act.

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