Plumbing For leaking Bathtub

Hi All,

I am new to calling a plumber and would like to seek some guidance on how to find a good plumber and not paying unnecessary extra cost due to lack of knowledge.

So the issue is bathtub is leaking and it looks like the drain fitting is crooked. It could the the only cause or there may be others which I am not able to tell as the bathtub panel is sealed with tiles along with the walls and floor.

Although, there might be a “secret” door near the drain sealed with silicon where others were sealed with grouts.

But anyways, what it would be helpful to know is what range of cost am I looking at when I am calling a plumber? are they able to do it in one go if it is a clear drain fitting issue as described?

Any suggestion helps guys!

I paid £70 to get the same problem fixed yesterday in W London