Bathroom leak - damage


Just looking for advice for a friend who rents out their flat. Tenant blocked the toilet so used a plunger to unblock. This caused a leak from the waste pipe. Landlord called out their plumber who managed to fix the pipe, but told landlord that the pipe wasn’t slanted enough so waste/toilet paper was getting stuck.

Due to the leak this caused damage to the skirting boards and carpet.

Who is responsible for paying for the damage for carpet and skirting board?
Landlord thinks tenant should pay however he’s unsure as tenant didn’t block the toilet by putting items down which they shouldn’t have done.

Should tenant have contacted landlord instead of buying and using a plunger to unblock?


Sounds like it was caused by a structural issue, which would make it the landlords problem to fix at their expense.

Thanks David.

Landlord is arguing that tenant shouldn’t have used the plunger and should have instead called them to report the blockage.

I don’t see how using the plunger absolves LL from their responsibility.

Thanks Tim and David. I will let landlord know. He’s a good friend however I do feel sorry for tenant as it isn’t like they blocked the toilet with items that shouldn’t have been put down there.

Using a plunger should not cause pipes to leak unless there was a pre-existing weakness. It doesnt sound to me like the tenants caused it at all.

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Thanks all .
Full deposit returned.

Am sure a LL wouldnt want a trlephone call should the toilet block in the early hours of the morning


Some actual pans are really poorly designed causing easy blocking. A tenant using a plunger is preferred and actually expected unless been advised not to.

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