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I have recently found a flat but the new landlord is asking for 8weeks deposit and a month rent in advance. Is that accepted ? And he wants a bank transfer to hold the flat . I would I even know if he is genuine? Please advise.


dont do it its a ripoff. have you met him ? He cannot legally ask for more than 5 weeks deposit. .You can check with Land Registry if he owns it . I would walk away. I am a Landlord


I have met him couple of time. Do I have to pay for the Land Registry Service?

yes as far as I can remember its under a fiver

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Thank you. Also he told me he doesn’t use tenancy deposit scheme (TDP). I am very new to this renting. Is it mandatory that he needs to have TDP and a Licen to rent ?

He MUST use a tenant deposit scheme. there is something wrong there. It is illegal for a landlord to keep the deposit


there will be somone at the local council whocan give advice on this as landlords are generally registered in certain situations

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Thank you! might give a ring tomorrow.

Also just found that you the 5 weeks deposit doesn’t apply if its contractual and statutory periodic tenancies. I didn’t not understand. I found quite a lot of private landlord asking for 6-8 weeks deposits.

No landlord should ask for more than 5 weeks deposit. . In a periodic tenancy a deposit has ALREADY been paid (5 weeks) the situation you speak about is a new tenancy. Its 5 weeks and it MUST be protected Speak to your local council. This smells bad

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Thank you for all your help. i will do

A fly by night landlord , if it is real.

5 weeks is the legal max, visit the property, see if you can chat to neighbours and the last tenant (reason for leaving). If the landlord persists with 8 weeks, you know what to do.

It is not illegal for the landlord to keep the deposit if he protects the deposit and provides the tenant with the deposit certificate, prescribed information and “information for tenants” leaflet. This is all mandatory.

It is unlawful not to protect deposit or use one of the deposit schemes.

All charges to tenant is illegal since 30th june 2019 so he cannot even charge you for the reference. It is illegal to take a holding deposit of more than one weeks rent and a deposit for the tenancy of more than 5 weeks rent

This all sounds very fishy. I would walk away. As others have said, 5 weeks deposit is max he can ask and he has to legally protect it.
If he doesn’t follow all this, then he will also be unable to evict you if you stop paying rent, but that’s not a path you want to take.

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I am a landlord too. I agree with that 5 weeks is the max deposit. I would complain to Openrent that he is breaking the law and get them to take his ad down. Don’t be tempted to go through with it

There are still penalties for this lark. Avoid.
Also, report him. Max 5 wees deposit

As other said already. It is against the law to charge more than 5 weeks and all deposit MUST be placed into a deposit protection scheme NOT bank transferred to the landlords own account.

Advance monthly rental is however common. Every tenancy is paid in advance as opposed to in errors

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This might be unrelated to the topic, I will be grateful for a redirection. I just made an order for a Gas Safety Certificate with openrent and would like to cancel as I realised I have a valid one at this time. How do I cancel this order please?