Rent deposit extortionate

I recently went to view a house, when we met the landlord, he went on to say he wants 6mths deposit, plus the £1400 pm rent, and he would be doing monthly visits, all because he previously had a bad tenant living there, is this legal, i thought by law a landlord can only ask for a max of 5 weeks rent as a deposit

you are correct . Do not do it . Report him to the Local council

Deposit is capped at 5 weeks rent. Landlord can ask for upfront rent of 6 months or more which is fairly common, plus the deposit.

I did offer him 6mths advance rent, plus his original deposit of 1400, but he then came back asking for 6mths deposit and we still pay 1400 pm rent, from the first month, he kept saying he has to protect himself?. It was for a property advertised on openrent

he is a greedy begger You will be well shut of him

Sounds to me like the LL is totally ignorant of the laws associated with letting property in 2023/24 and doesn’t even realise they are behind the times. This happens occasionally in the PRS where a LL is operating as a “lone ranger” slips through the cracks, not using an agent or even one of the government approved Deposit Schemes who would both advise them of the error of their ways. and isn’t proactive in keeping up with the ever changing legislation. The deposit scheme wouldn’t protect 6 months deposit, so that tells you that he wasn’t intending on using one. LL sounds proper Old Skool collecting the rent every Friday night in cash.

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