Problem with AST

I wrongly used an AST in an agreement to allow someone to use my property as an airbnb. She is not resident there and signed the agreement as xxx trading as xx - a business. Does this make the AST void ? I would like to end the agreement as I cannot get her to accept a commercial style contract. What should I do ?

If this is a company let, (and you should check that), then it cant be an AST, whatever paperwork is used. What is the purpose of her occupation? Is it short term?

She is a sole trader. She wanted to run it as air bnb which I agreed to not realising that it should have been a commercial agreement. It was for six months.

She has continued to pay rent so I guess she is on a periodic tenancy. I let her do this as I had no reason to think that she would not agree to a commercial contract. She wont

You will need the help of a housing solicitor if you want to end this tenancy.

Thanks for your advice -I have been in touch with an eviction specialist who is confident that he can do that