Airbnb hosting agreementt

I have a property on my land and have been letting it as AST. My partner is unwell and I no longer want the responsibility. Money is not the main issue. I have been allowing someone to use it for short term holiday rentals as the host. Am I right in assuming that this is a commercial agreement not a tenancy agreement. Does anyone know ?

Sounds like the AST contract has been breached then (if your tenant has signed an AST) as air bnb is not an AST it’s “non-assured” and so this needs to Be a non-AST type contract

The airbnb host does not have an AST as she does not live there. I am looking for a commercial type of agreement but not sure where to look

Yes, its a commercial arrangement and not an AST. Is there a formal contract? If not, what was said by each of you prior to the person taking possession?

Well I let her use it for 6 months with an AST until I realised that it was not the right way to do it. Our agreement was that she made improvements on the property which she has and that I would allow her to run it as short term holiday letting which she has been doing . Then I realised that I needed a different kind of agreement as it seemed to me to be a commercial situation. I am now drawing up a rent to rent contract which I got from BLA and modifying it to reflect our situation

Have you read about the issues with rent to rent? Google them.

That is very helpful thank you. I have met another landlord who is allowing her to do the same thing and he recommended her highly. All her holiday rental reviews are 5 star and she has put at least £12K of improvements in. My insurance company is aware of the situation and she has public liability insurance. I want to offer her a six monthly contract which would be renewable if everything is satisfactory. I am going to read all the Google stuff again