Professional Cleaning

My Tenant is moving out and has pointed out that under the “Tenant Fees Act 2019” he cannot be made to pay for professional cleaning of the flat even though we provided professional cleaning at the start of the Tenancy

This seems bonkers but the contract Openrent contract started in 2021) states that Tenant shall …

“Clean or pay for the cleaning of all carpets, curtains and any other parts of the Premises or contents included in the letting which may have been soiled during the tenancy”

There seems to be a contradiction here somewhere?


The tenant must return the property in (at least) the state it was given to them.
So if the carpets are dirty and you have the receipt for the cleaning, although they do not necessarily have to use professional cleaning, it must be to the same standard.

There is no contradiction. The contract gives the tenant the option to clean themselves and you must allow that.