Property letting

I currently have a property on OpenRent site. Although had quite a few queries from people who just arrived from Hong Kong along with some other time wasters. Should they not be isolating anyway due to COVID restrictions. I have no knowledge of any rules/ regulations for BNOs/LOTR and I am rejecting such applications.

I only have one property to let and finding it difficult to get a normal tenancy requests. Is there a shortage of decent tenants looking to rent these days?

It could be a number of factors.
Some areas are more active than others, maybe your just unlucky to be in an area where the market is slow.
I’m sure some people who are wanting to relocate are waiting until the end of the pandemic.
Is the asking rent correct for the type of property.
There might be other concerns, but this just gives you a few things to think about.
I’m sure others will have good advise.
Good luck.

I have just marketed a rental. In just a few days got 26 requests to view. We only granted 3 of them. Sooooo many timewasters. Although to be fair, I think many people are in desperate situations so who can blame them.

Thank you for the info. It’s a lovely 3 bed terrace property only three years old. Very well kept and deserves a decent tenant. Reasonably priced in comparison to other properties on the same estate. Hope I find someone in the near future. Had 16/17 requests of which only 4 worth arranging viewings. One wanted to go ahead but failed reference.

Yes I agree. COVID pandemic making things worse.

Don’t reject applications just because you have no knowledge of something

Beware of rent to rent

Speak to your solicitor if you need immigration advice
Tenants from the South East are often very affluent, especially students
You can ask for the full duration of the rent upfront as they are foreign nationals. They may even have a UK based guarantor too,

I have take 32 enquiries on one house but when I probe and ask for supporting documents they fall through

Their stories don’t make sense

Internationals are a good bet

I have just taken on Canadian Students
Due to the pandemic their government has given them £2k a month ( as they are abroad) in addition to their grants

Same here 13 enquiries not one bona fide tenant. The market is just full of foreign multiple letters looking to to make a killing on your property.
Ask basic questions and they just lie as they are
contacting you so they can sublet your property.
Are there any genuine people who want to let for themselves and family or friends???

As a landlord you have to do a Right to Rent check with the person/s in front of you.
There is a Government website to help with overseas applicants but I would be looking
for sponsorship eg a university Hospital . Guarantors need to be checked that they have
a uk property but it has been known for some to disappear overseas
Families, tenants in public service jobs eg NHS are in high demand as they get a regular
salary and usually sick pay if they get covid

There isn’t a shortage of tenants at the moment, but as said previously, there are a lot of unsuitable applicants out there. Be wary of those that you suspect of not being what you want. Trust your instincts and hold out for someone that sits in your comfort zone.

One thing I would do is take a walk around your property in the shoes of the person you believe you want. Is there anything about the house that they might be put off by? Don’t look at it from your prospective. Also have a look at some other ads. Is there something about yours that’s not quite right? I always create stand out ads. Mine is a conversation, not filled with standard estate agent speak. Write it so the reader wants to keep on reading. I also fill it with details of transport links, a floor plan & honest photos.

Above all though, the letting is to be by your rules. If you’re uncomfortable, then that’s just fine. It’s a cliche, but an empty house is better than a bad tenant. Your rules apply, not what everyone else says.


Thank you for a good advice. I am a very small investor, rely upon this income and find it hard to knowingly take risks. I agree my criteria set is high like no pets, no dss and no smokers etc. it’s a beautiful nearly new house and deserves a good tenant. It’s very true that an empty house is better than a bad tenant.

So many applications showing interest but many disappear on prescreening due to bad credit history. Sure I will find a satisfactory one in the near future just like the one I had for last three years.