Are people getting as many enquiries during lockdown?

Hi, I put my 3 bed terrace in a conservation area in SE London on to let on Sunday and I’ve not had any enquiries. Very unusual, is it lockdown or maybe too soon? It’s available mid July?
Is anyone having this or is the letting industry booming as I hear?

I’ve spoken to a number of agents and all have said they are inundated with enquiries and they could
Let properties 5/6 times over. High demand. This is the west miss area south Bham

Thanks Tracey, I’ve looked at the rentals in my area, so feel it’s competitive.
I’ve ‘responded’ to the advert myself (to ensure the system works on this ad - which it does) as suggested by a team member from OpenRent, so I’ll give it a few more days and think again.
I spoke with a couple of agents yesterday, I may be too close to the periphery of Central London where there’s less demand at the moment due to COVID… their thoughts are people are moving back to family homes etc with the uncertainty of jobs etc.
Stay safe everyone.

When this virus began I’d just given notice to my tenants & put this property on the market, was only a couple of days & it began… So I had to relet the flat. It was hard and I only got a portion of the rent I got b4. Also in my area there is a lot of competition, landlords who don’t take deposits, smarter & smarter properties. Tenants now wanting en suites… With all the governments new rules & red tape it is getting much more difficult since I started as a landlord 27 years ago, but it’s about the best investment t u can make given the very low interest rates unless u want to risk the stock market. Its just a case of keeping up with what else is out there & an eye on rental prices. Even if you have to take a hit on the rent, lowering it & letting your property is better than it sitting empty for months.

Tracy9 they would say that woudnt they?

I put my 4bed in NW London and got 11 enquiries in the first 48hrs,
One virtual viewing and outside visit and they have paid the deposit ready to move in on the 6th July.
May be you need better pics, different blurb or is the price too high?
Good luck with it.

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Thanks Nicola, how long in advance did you put it up for rent? I’m wondering if I did it too soon (6weeks)? It’s unfurnished, so the pictures are showing empty, which is not the best. I’ve looked at comparable prices, and feel it’s in the right place, however may decide to drop it if no joy. Great your place moved so quickly. I’ve only used OpenRent for a few years now and really happy with the results…

Tapped using an iPhone. Please excuse any mishaps.

Hi Sarah, I’ve had 2 properties available for reletting during the lockdown period and I’ve been absolutely inundated with enquiries. Both Houses are now Let. I don’t know as to why the unprecedented rise in demand Other than there is a number of Landlords leaving or have left the the rental sector and have told their tenants that they intend selling the property. Other tenants report that their landlord isn’t renewing their STA for whatever reason.

Thanks Geoff… I’m really not sure why mine is sitting there? Are yours in London? Sorry probably too many questions. I put mine on 6 weeks before current tenants leave, I feel it may be this is too early??

Try removing the advert and then re-advertising. New adverts tend to be seen first.

Hi Sarah, I always advertise my properties as early as possible when a current tenant is leaving in the hope I can avoid having to pay the council tax by getting a new tenant in as soon as a house becomes empty. All my houses are in South Yorkshire and on the same estate. The demand here has increased considerably over the lockdown period. I use a letting agent who generates interest and I also use facebook and gumtree to advertise. which has a great area titled “Market place” that includes “Property available to rent”. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. We’re all here to help each other and provide advice. Regards Geoff

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I have definitely found a lot less enquiries & this is in one of the outer London Boroughs

Thanks Geoff, I think possibly did it too early, time will tell.

Mmm Clint, I agree wholeheartedly, definitely no where near as many as before. I’m in zone 3, so was hoping that it maybe far enough out… time will tell, I have just over a month til it’s empty. Thanks for info

The same for me at the moment, very few enquiries while I rented out my flat within 2 days the last time I put it for rent.

Thanks Julie, I’m normally inundated with enquires. Hopefully it’ll pick up sometime soon…

Ditto…my flat in SW London had very few enquiries… I think the market was flooded with properties when lockdown lifted.

none during the lockdown. Just getting a few tentative enquiries now but people are very nervous. This is in London.

I have a 4 bed flat in SE london, had it 4 years and never had an issue letting it. This time I’ve had fewer enquires and still no serious interest after 6 weeks! Dropped the price twice, last time was yesterday so fingers crossed.

Plenty of interest just the wrong kind :roll_eyes: Non smokers who smoke,not on benefits but are and have been evicted by a court.
I doubt I would get these time wasters by using an agent I don’t think I will use Openrent again.