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My family and I are currently looking for a property to rent. We have been at our current location for 3 years, but our landlord has sold the property, and we need to be out in 4 weeks.

My husband is a mechanic at Wilson’s, and I am a stay-at-home mom. I had to leave my job when I had my youngest, but I’m looking to go back into the work field end of March/April, once we have settled into our new place.

We do have housing benefits top-up, so we are looking for a place that will accept benefits. The rent automatically comes out of our account every month and then the council pays us back the difference, this means you will never be short of rent! We have NEVER been late paying our rent or bills, and we both have very good credit. I am 100% sure our referencing will pass. My husband and I are tidy, hard-working, honest and reliable tenants.

We are happy to pay 2 months rent up front if need be.

Kind regards,

Laura & Jerry Ramos

i am perplexed to why your advertising on here, im not sure thats the best use of your time, i recommend rightmove and prime location for finding property to rent, this covers the majority of the market rather than a forum with a few landlords, i also find that landlords usually dont look for tenants, it is the tenants whom seek out properties available.
Obviously you should also look through OpenRent available rentals too yet this can be done via rightmove also.
I hope this helps.

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