Prospective tenant has placed holding deposit, do I have to include her 18 year old son at uni as a tenant as well

As above a propsective tenant has placed a holding deposit today. I will go with her.
My query is that she has an 18 year old son. Am I obliged to list him as well (he will be away at uni term time and home during vacation.
Being a student he will not be earning enough should mother default (She’s NHS employee and on good money, so realistically not expecting this to happen, as much as anyone can tell). So I’m thinking he would fail credit checks if I list him in that he’s not earning enough.

Do I include him or forget about him?
What am I legally obliged to do?

He should only be included on the tenancy as a ‘Permitted Occupier’. As he is over 18 he should be reference checked for ‘Right To Rent’ etc but not for affordability.

I agree with Chris’s advice, but just check that your insurance or mortgage doesn’t require all adults to be tenants.

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