Pulling out from a contract if I only have the holding deposit


I signed a tenancy about a month ago, with the rental starting within two weeks. None the full depostit or the first month rent have been paid yet. However, they are requesting me things already (e.g. get rid of the sofa, which I don’t agree; make a home improvement, which is way too expensive, etc,.) and this makes me nervous.

What is my situation? Can the tenants just pull out from the contract with no consecuences? Can I pull out from the contract and just return the holding deposit to them?

I live abroad and I will be travelling to the UK to arrage the change of tenancy, so I would obviously want to have the moneys in before that, just in case I need to readvertise. How can I handle this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I would be less nervous than if it was radio silence. This is clearly a tenant who is planning to move in. Read the agreement that you have made but I expect that the Deposit and Rent are only due at the last minute so as long as you don’t hand over the keys it is all good. Put yourself in the tenant shoes, they may be concerned that if they pay early you may not come to the uk.

Additionally, I don’t think requesting that the sofa not be there is unreasonable, I do understand it is a frustration and pain in the backside for you.

If I advertise a furnished house and the tenant wants me to remove furniture I don’t due to cost of storage etc.
I had a tenant whom I met (who
I overheard say to her partner before a contract was signed) that they were going to remove furniture and put it in storage .
None of it was discussed with me.
I pulled out.
If the tenant took out my furniture and put it in a storage unit in their name what would happen if they would default on storage payments ? I would lose my belongings !
The house is as is.
I don’t know what the condition of your property is.

If mine asked for expensive home improvements I would decline as they are getting a good quality furnished home.

For me it’s a red flag that they are not here and expensive demands are already being placed.

I would pull out.

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