Query regarding tenancy agreement


My private landlord has instructed an Estate Agent to ‘manage’ the property I’ve rented for the last decade or so.

The agent called me yesterday and let me know this, having been provided with my details by the landlord.

He wants me to sign a new tenancy agreement as he feels the existing ’year to year’ periodic tenancy is flawed.

Firstly, am I obliged to sign a new tenancy agreement?

Secondly, the agent explained that I am perceived as a problematic tenant by the landlord, despite paying rent on time without fail for over a decade, maintaining the property at my own expense and possibly because I have politely complained to the landlord that he hasn’t carried out gas safety checks for 10 years (along with other issues such as having no insulation in the loft / roof which leads to excessive heating costs).

Any advice would be of great help.

Agents will say anything. It’s probably them pushing for the tenancy agreement as they charge landlord for it.

You can’t be forced to sign a new one.

Politely report your issues to the agent, they will make up their own mind. They’ll be on your side if it’s about safety checks.

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Have you also posted the same query under the name Petefonda? If so, why?


Many apologies; it was a browser issue - I couldn’t post on my usual device as the browser is unsupported on Openrent. I’m unable to update that particular device at the moment.

I can now delete one or the other.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

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