Tenancy agreement

Hi there,
My current tenancy agreement due to come to an end on couple of months and the current tenant wishes to stay in property for further more year. Now, when it comes to contract, rental guarantee insurance, deposit, Inventory report etc as a landlord do I need to renew it all or how the process/systems works. Alternatively what are the options available.
Thank you in advance.

Hi Bhim,

Glad to hear you’re looking to continue renting the property to the same tenant we found you!

Just have a look at this article - it details what your options are as your fixed term nears its end.

Many landlords are happy to let a tenancy go periodic, others may want to renew and create a fresh tenancy agreement - this is entirely up to the landlord and the tenant.

You may find that letting the tenancy run periodic is easiest, for instance.

In terms of Rent Guarantee Insurance, we suggest reaching out to our insurance partners (info@rentguard.co.uk) and they’ll be happy to address any questions for you. An inventory/check-out can also be ordered on the website here.

Any questions, just let me know.


Hi George,

Thank you for your prompt reply and for showing the sign post.



Hi There,
My current tenant has stayed in property for 14 months with 4 kids, apparently I understand kids has dismental kitchen cabinets and damages almost all units parts beyond repair, as well as spill drinks on carpets. Now the tenants are asking me to fix with new kitchen cabinets and new carpets( Inventory Check in done, those damages are not registered).

Now, as a landlord do I have to fix and repair for the damages that the tenants has done ? I am concern, lets say current issues is been fixed, I have resolve it as a good will gesture but after couple of months the tenants might inform me again, all walls need painting cos kids has marked with crayon all over property wall.
Any suggestions on who you normally resolve this kinda issue is much appreciated.
Thank you all in advance.