Question about insurance

New landlord here again!

The property I am renting out is a maisonette and consequently the buildings insurance is paid by the management company and included in the service charge.

The only contents in the property are carpets and cooker, washing machine and fridge freezer. I am presuming that any damage to these would be covered by the tenant?
I presume the tenants get their own insurance for their own contents?
thank you

you wish! I would insure them yourself .Then you know its done

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Yes any/all damages are covered as in the AST and inventory and the tenant is liable during the tenancy for any such damages, however if you have failed to carry out suffice inventory and due diligence then you may have a fight on your hands to prove any such damages.
The tenants contents are their responsibility to insure not yours.

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Andrew - are you saying that maz.m is covered by the communal building insurance if, for instance, her carpets are ruined by the tenants? So long as there is a comprehensive inventory in place, mentioning the carpets and the condition of the carpets?

It is impossible for anyone to know what their insurance covers them for without being privy to the insurance so I cannot answer your first question, however all tenants are responsible proving it would be near impossible and I’m sure no one would own up to such damages which means it would be a fight to get any tenants renting a single room to be responsible for any communal area Unless all tenants were joint on one single AST hence rented the whole building.

I personally do a very good inventory for all common parts as well as the room in question but it is more so to make the tenants feel that they would be held responsible for common part damages yet in reality I would probably foot the cost Myself as I don’t believe in those types of insurances as usual standard paying for ever and for nothing and when it comes to claiming it is long complicated and drawn out and then they just up your policy so you end up paying anyway in the long run.
I hope this helps.

Let me just further clarify that the common parts I talk about a whole common parts behind the actual flat or maisonette door, Not the common parts which other people share which are nothing to do with the actual maisonette or flat as these are covered by buildings insurance.