Radiator Too Small


We have been living in/renting our house for a little over a year and struggled last winter and now this winter with the temperature in our bedroom (sometimes dropping to about 12C).

We have a baby on the way and I’m worried the room will be too cold for the baby.

It is a pretty big bedroom (L4.8 x W3.6 x H2.6) and we have a very small single panel convection radiator in there. I have gone online and done some Btu calculators and as an average, our room scored a Btu rating of 4852, the 300 x 800 mm radiator we have in the room is only rated 1490Btu, that’s only 30.7% of what it should be.

As the size of the radiator is significantly smaller than it should be, should I confront my landlord about the issue?

Thank you,

alun… I calculate you need a 9000 btu rad. thats a 600mm x 1500 double panel/double convector… single panel must be quite old… Yes definitely have a reasonable word with him Do not confront, this will right away put him/her on the defensive