Heating not powerful enough to have comfortable temperature


I just rented a flat 2 weeks ago and I realized that the heating even working full power is not enough to achieve a comfortable temperature. The maximum temperature I have got since I am in the flat is 17 degrees.

I have x3 heaters (living room, bedroom and bathroom). All three are working well but they are not powerful enough to increase the rooms temperature more than 17 degrees.

Is the landslord’s responsability to provide extra heaters to get the miminum heating standard and be able to be comfortable in the flat? or… do I need to cover the cost for the extra heating buying a heater(s)?

Thanks in advance for your answers!!


Hi @Albertoo, when you say heaters, do you mean radiators connected to a central heating system? Or do you mean electric heaters?


Hi Sam,

They are electric storage heaters.


Hi Albertoo, I’m sorry to hear this is your situation.

Yes, the landlord absolutely should provide adequate space heating. Typically this would be via central heading using a gas or electric boiler. Relying on a few electric heaters is very unusual in my experience.

The Housing, Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) is clear that a healthy indoor temperature is between 18 and 21 degrees.

This page describes what landlords need to do:

I would recommend telling your landlord that your heating is inadequate and that you need a better solution than electric heaters. If they do not rectify the situation, you can submit a complain to your local council, describe the HHSRS categories they are not complying with and including evidence of the temperature and your attempts to get the landlord to make the required improvements.


Many thanks for your reply.

I have already been in talk with my Landlord, and just today he emailed me that If I need extra heating I can buy an electric heater and if it’s not new, it need to pass a PAT test.

That’s why I am trying to find out if I am in my right to ask my Landlord the extra money I have to pay buying the heater(s) and the extra electricity cost.


The landlord buys the heater You pay all electric used

I have just come out from the exact same situation.
I had central heating, but only the landlord was in charge of the timer , so we had 3 hours heating in the morning, 5 in the night. From 7.30 am to 10.30 am and from 5 pm to 10 pm. So between 11 ( whe the radiators went cold) to 5.50 ( when the radiators started to be warm) the temperature inside the flat was around 12-15C. I had to call the Council, since the landlord refused to extend the hours or pretended he didn’t receive the messages ( even whe it was snowing) and ended that: the council enforced section 11 of the Housing Act, fined him 400£ for not updating the heating system and forced him to install electric heaters at his expenses. The Council coudln’t force him to insulate the property ( wich was updated in 2016 in the Housing Act) but managed to enforce the standards in the 2004 version. The cost of electricity still yours, unless differently specified in the tenancy agreement, but the improvement of the property to current standards are on the landlord. Best of luck. :wink:


Many thanks for the email!

Hopefully the Landlord will agree to provide extra heaters.

Please, can you explain me how long it took the process with the Council since you call them? I understand that the Council would need to visit the flat and then notify the Landlord…

Thanks in advance!!