Referencing ex tenants

I know i cannot charge a fee to a new tenant in my properties for referencing.
I know i am not obliged to give a reference to an enquiry for references for old tenants

What i’m not 100% on:
1 if I am asked for a reference for an old tenant can i charge a fee for providing a reference? i think it is in order
2. if I am asked for a reference from a Landlord outwith the UK. i am pretty sure i can charge a reference but its unusual

(With a good tenant i provide as a matter of course FOC,)

You can charge a fee to a landlord for a reference, but its a bad idea imo. If everyone starts doing this youll eventually have to pay for one yourself for a new tenant and it just becomes a money shuffling exercise.

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In addition to David’s point, the process of providing a landlord reference is also very quick. I’ve never known it to take more than a couple of mins as they are generally simple Yes/No questions, so I’m not sure how you would go about quantifying a fee for this.

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No point getting a current landlord reference. They will never say if it’s a problem tenant as they want rid.


Dont charge for referencing. It’s taking advantage.

Ah just read that you only charge for bad tenants, ok I tend to agree there…

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thanks for the replies. The question wasn’t about whether one should or should not charge but to know exactly what the law is. It would appear it’s simply:

You can charge another landlord for references but you can’t charge a tenant.

Letting agents can charge landlords a fee for tenant referencing. Under the Tenant Fees Act 2019, a letting agent cannot charge a tenant a fee for a reference. The cost of referencing and other fees associated with setting up, renewing or ending a tenancy, is the responsibility of the landlord.

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I don’t mean to be pedantic but the extract does not say that a landlord can charge another landlord for a reference.


Doesn’t take long to provide a reference so why charge?

As said, you can charge a landlord for a reference, although if your Council introduce Selective Licensing in your area they will probably require you to provide a reference regardless of whether youre paid.

This must be a joke? It will take you 2 minutes to respond to an email asking for a reference; why would you charge for that?

If they’re a good tenant, do it out of common decency and if they’re a bad tenant, then surely you just decline?


Ailish, take a moment to read posts , he isn’t asking for opinions just what the law is. Try and stay friendly and professional or dont post

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