Refund tenant for oil at check out?

Our good tenants have left but have £300 worth of oil left in the tank. They are asked me if I will pay this and then pass this on to the next tenants - should I?

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Yes, I think that’s in order. When we moved here we had to pay for the LPG gas left in the tank. It was a bit of a surprise as nothing had been mentioned to us previously but we would have had to pay for it one way or the other. You would need to mention it to the incoming tenants I think. The only difficulty I can see is if the tenant leaving and the incoming tenant disagree about the amount in there as these things aren’t accurate.

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Sounds quite reasonable

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surely it depends on how much there was in the tank when they moved in ?


This is a potential egg on the face, I would state that the new tenants will be asked to verify and pay for the oil. Then and only then would I pay the old tenants. If its their property its not for you to sort out legally.