Regarding letting agent

Hi I have made a deposit and paid the rent before signing the contract but unfortunately I couldnt sign the agreement and I backed due to personal reasons now the letting agent/landlord refusing to pay my rent and deposit

please help what can I do how can I get my money back?

How long before agreed move in date did you back out of the agreement?

Have they actually said you won’t get any of it back?

Hi Mark,

I backed out the agreement and dint sign the deal just before three days before my move in date. They blocked my number from whatsapp and normal call list. Not sure how I can get my money back.


A holding deposit would certainly be forfeited.
If you left a security deposit this should be returned.

Please consider the fact landlord would miss out on probably at least a months rent because of your backing out at very short notice. What’s fair would you say?

I think realistically your best bet it to try to negotiate. It will take alot of effort and cost to pursue if you expect everything back.

With a doubt if you paid a security deposit you must get this back. Have you? Have you had any details saying it’s been deposited with a scheme? They have 30 days to register it.

Send a formal email initially and or call landline from another number or withhold.

I believe you have created a verbal tenancy agreement which in a court would work against you. You may well find you legally owe rent for the duration of the fixed term!

as Mark 10 has said . There will be a cost to the landlord in finding someone else due to you letting him down . You will not get off scott free

If this was through Openrent the speak to them about whether they can intervene on your behalf. As alresdy said, you should get the rent and any security deposit back, but maybe not a holding deposit.

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