Removing a problem tenant from an HMO

I rent out a 4 bed house. The tenants are usually from a specific International student award and have always been great. This year, because of a miscommunication with a previous tenant, I accepted 1 tenant from the UK and then 3 from the International Ward. The UK tenant has been an utter nightmare from the start: bullying and aggressive to the others, then turns victim, possibly entering other’s rooms and taking things, being slovenly in the kitchen and bathroom. The others have asked me to remove her.

I met with them all and saw her behaviour first hand as she tried to shut me up, so she could lie ad nauseum. I gave her a warning. Then for over a months he had her boyfriend move in. The others asked me to remove her. I asked them to gather evidence because the UK tenant has asked lawyer (friend of family immigration lawyer) to intervene.

I then emailed the lawyer and tenant and said that the boyfriend must leave immediately. The tenant replied, through the lawyer, that she had no boyfriend at all and then a load more lies. She is a truly disturbing young woman. I have his name, occupation, videos and photos of him in the house, photos of his washing drying around the house etc.

How do I get rid of her? They all signed a 12 months AST with equal responsibility. I do not care about the loss of rent, I care that the other 3 are living a daily difficulty (at best).

You may not be able to get rid of her. You would need to use the fault based eviction notices and the only option I can see is section 8 ground 14, which is discretionary. Unless all the other tenants line up in court to report a catalogue of ASB, you have little chance of getting the court to award you possession.

Does your property need an HMO licence with 4 people? If the boyfriend is living there now then that would make 5 people, which is mandatory licensable. That would add to your chances of sympathy from a judge, but it still would be difficult.