Rent controls = more AirBnB?

Someone’s opinion that Sadiq Khan’s rent controls would mean more AirBnB in London: Sadiq Khan's rent controls are a boon for AirBnB … I personally don’t think rent controls will happen but if they did, I would seriously consider short letting my flats. The fact they are even being discussed makes me want to consider it. Curious as to what other landlords think.

Hopefully that would be taken account of in any legislation. AirBnB exacerbates an already awful situation for prospective tenants in London, so it’d be pointless to have rent controls if landlords just switch to short-term lets instead.

Though I’m extremely cynical of an article written by a landlord on this subject. It’s like a turkey being concerned that the chickens will have it better at Christmas…

my turkeys voted for xmas

To be honest, I don’t think rent controls would be that much of a problem for landlords. The proposals I’ve read are nothing like the hype around this issue, they were just a cap on the percentage annual increase of something like 3% if I recall. My rents haven’t gone up at all in recent years and had to be lowered slightly on the last two properties I let.