Rent due - confusion


I am slightly confused, so I started a tenancy agreement on 14 December 2019 and I paid a months rent in advance which was £750. January 2020 no payment was made and my first payment as taken out 14 February 2020. I have handed my notice in now to vacate 14 February 2022. My last rent payment was 14 January 2022. Does this mean I owe rent in February? Or can I leave?


So, you are probably behind on rent with one month as you didn’t pay rent in January 2020. This probably means you’ve been a month late with all your rent payments. Yikes for that reference.

Considering you’ve given proper notice you’ll have to cover the lost month’s rent. Best is to contact your landlord to enquire.

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If you don’t mention it and get it in writing that the landlord agrees your last payment counted then you might get away with the oversight.

But yes it sounds like you’ve been a month late your whole tenancy and really should pay the final month.