How to calculate first rent?

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We are going to rent our first property. What confuses me slightly is how should I calculate first rent . Let’s say tenant would move in in the middle of month. So should first rent be 6 weeks worth? And then 2 weeks later (new month) would they pay again ?

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Hi Jan, Your rent due date can be any date in the month. It doesn’t have to be the end of the month. If the tenant moved in on e.g. the 18th, then you could make the due date the 18th, which would keep things simple.


Thank you Sam .
Let’s say they move in on 18th . Would they pay 2 months worth at the first time ? If I remember correctly as a tenant I always paid my rent upfront so I didn’t have to pay for last month when I was leaving property .

Month to month can start any time during the month

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Hi Jan,

No there’s no need to pay two months’ rent on by the frst month’s due date.

All that matters is that the tenant pays the rent for the relevant rental period before the due date for said rental period.

If the tenancy starts on 18th January and has a due date of the 18th every month, the tenant should have paid the first month’s rent before the 18th January.

The tenant should then pay the rent for the second month before the 18th February. They could of course pay for the second month before 18th January, but that is simply by virtue of the fact that 18th January is before 18th February.

Paying the rent before the rental period starts is paying in advance. Paying the rent after the rental period ends is paying in arrears. If the rental period begins on the 25th, and the tenant pays on the preceding 18th, then they have paid in advance.

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