Rent increase during a fixed AST


I am a landlord using standard openrent contract. We signed the contract with a 12 months break clause , 24 months fixed term no more extra clauses.
That was 10 months ago so i am thinking to suggest tenants to increase the rent in line with inflation.

Anybody knows if i can increase the rent during the AST? As far as i am aware there is no rent review clause in standard open rent contracts. Why is that?

Otherwise I could execute the break clause but i think that is too extreme.
Any suggestions much appreciated.

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You can do it by negotiation with the tenant, but you have no option to just impose it. Why on earth did you do a 2 year tenancy? 6 month maximum for initial term.

Thanks David

I will try to negotiate with them. But ultimately if tenants do not agree the rent increase i can execute the break clause right?
That is equivalent i think.
I used an AST of 24 months i guess as lack of experience from my side on renting.

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A fixed term is just that. The tenants have a right to expect no rent rises during the fixed term, that is the definition of one.
Next time, do what most land lords do and have a 6 both fixed term then rollover to monthly


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