Rent increase for change of tenants

Hi! I live in a houseshare with 3 others and our one-year contract will come to an end beginning of March. We want to stay longer and sign a new contract, but we’d like to swap two of the tenants on the contract (we already have people who want to move in and are ready for referencing). The landlord says he wants to increase the rent for our new contract because the tenant changes will cost him money. I understand that charging for a tenant change is not allowed. However, can he still increase rent if he’d give any other reason than the tenant change?
I also read that a one-time 50 pounds fee is allowed for a tenant change, is that only during the contract, or is that fee also normal when tenants get changed at the end of the contract?
It would be great if someone has some more info on this! Thanks a lot!

Yes he can increase the rent

If the changeover is at the end of your current tenancy, then I don’t think he can charge a fee as its essentially just a new tenancy with a new set of tenants.

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That’s what I thought but I haven’t been able to find that written down somewhere clearly.
Thanks for your reply!

I just gave a fuller reply on your other thread