Rent Increase Question

Hi All,

I would be grateful if you could help me; I am a landlord of a property, and the 12-month AST ends on 1st October 2023; the tenancy reverts to a periodic tenancy after this date. The current tenancy agreement does not specify a rent review clause.

I issued a Section 13 rent increase notice increasing the rent from the next rent payment date of 1st November 2023.

The tenant has reverted that in his opinion, the rent increase would not be eligible until 6 months later. They say the CAB has confirmed this.

Can anyone give me any insight?


The fixed period has elapsed and you are within your rights to propose a rent increase after 12 months of setting the current rent. Insist that the new rent is payable in November and if they wish to contest it they can take the matter to the first tier tribunal. End of.


They say the CAB has confirmed this.
Ask them for the proof because CAB would never say that. T is starting to play games with you.

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That is a false statement from the tenant

Either the tenant is lying or The5 hasn’t provided us with all the facts. This is basic stuff. For CAB to make such a statement there would have had to have been a mutually agreed rent increase 6 months into the fixed term, in which case you would need to wait a year to impose another one.

Check that there is nothing odd in the tenancy agreement to that effect, but otherwise, assuming the s13 notice has been properly served, the rent has now increased and unless they challenge it through the First Tier Tribunal, they will accrue arrears if they dont pay it.

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