Rent Now Green Button not available

I have not received any email from Open Rent website regarding a request for the holding deposit. I have checked the site throughly and it is still not showing me the ‘Rent Now’ Green Button which is needed to pay for the holding deposit. The message trail on the site says Landlord Requested Tenant to initiate Rent Now and later on the next day it says Property No Longer Available. Also in the property listing it says Let Agreed. Did Landlord selected the wrong option of Let Agreed before asking for holding depost through Rent Now. Let me know if I have missed something. Many Thanks

Contact the landlord directly: they may have agreed to let it to someone else. If they have not, at least you are re-assuring them that you want it.

Good luck

Hi Karen,

This issue arose as the landlord mistakenly used the ‘stop advertising’ option before you were able to place a holding deposit on the property - listings must be live in order for holding deposits to be placed.

I’m happy to see that this issue was resolved via email and you were able to proceed to place the holding deposit that day:)