Rental expenses v's pension contributions - can I have both?

Hi, I have a question for the experienced landlords about pension contributions. My rent takes my salary into the 40% tax bracket. Normally when I do my self-assessment tax return, I claim back my rental expenses. This year, I put some money into a SIPP instead.

To keep the maths simple, I put in enough so that I could reclaim the full 40%. In other words, imagine the amount of income above the £50k(ish) threshold, less 40%, invested in a SIPP.

My first question is simple; can I reclaim the extra 20% on the self-assessment form?

The second is the one I can’t find an answer to; can I also claim back my rental expenses or will this reduce my income and so reduce the amount I can reclaim on the pension contributions?

I would like to think I can reclaim all of the tax on the SIPP contributions (the 40%). I’d like to think I could also claim the rental expenses against the 20% tax element below the £50k, but I can’t see HMRC being that generous…