Renters reform bill- pets

If your lease has a no pets clause then you will have a valid reason to refuse.

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spot on. But the Tories are lining us up for the slaughter and a left wing government will come sooner or later. Rent controls and no eviction ; Permanent and significant value diminution to our businesses.

The Tories should be made to understand where there bread is buttered and any action to stall their electioneering driven destructive proposals should be considered.

They are saying that the majority of landlords are ok. In that case maybe we should tell them that the majority of landlords are not Ok with their proposals.

I have no idea how to do this but time is of the essence and any action has to en masse.


We have always allowed pets with permission, but we live in the country which I think makes a difference. However, I do think we should be allowed to hold a much larger deposit to cover damage by pets. Before they capped deposits, a friend used to charge a higher deposit for pets and hold a proportion of it for 3 months after vacation in case flea fumigation was required.


I had tenants who later acquired (with permission), two lovely cats, but they ended up fraying the edges of the (very expensive) runners in the hallways.

Not only that, two tenancies and two years later, I had to re-steam clean one carpeted room and the hallway & dry clean huge curtains because the new tenant had a severe allergy to cats. I did it for free because I myself, have an allergy to something else, and understood. But it was a very expensive learning lesson.


We have allowed pets before and only 1 tenant was a responsible pet owner. Carpets stink, poo in corners ,the garden spoilt and bags and bags of dog poo hidden in the shed for us to dispose of. No way, we’ll sell ours if we’re made to allow it. I think the government forget who actually own these


The more the parasitic bureaucrats with no judgement push, the more an increasing number of the remaining landlords will push back.
I have never given a rejected tenant a reason for a rejection. I simply informed them that I will not be pursuing the application.


correct. I simply say “I cannot help you”


I permitted a ‘medium sized dog’ in my two bed garden flat on the assurance that the dog was never left alone, he wouldn’t poo in the garden, walked three times a day etc. This unforseen problem i have found though is it’s really difficult to schedule any works as everything has to fit around this dog’s schedule! “No, the plumber can’t come today because of the dog”. Workmen can only come on the days he’s in doggie daycare. Really has made everything difficult working round this precious dog.


Indeed, the question of how to dispose of dog poo is very difficult. I am a dog owner, I have a large garden and pick it up daily, then at least once a week I have to take it all to the nearest public dog poo bin. I don’t know what other people do but hate to imagine… but if you do accept a dog with a tenant then there has to be a clear agreement about how to deal with the poop.


What about subsequent tenants who can be hospitalised because animals have lived in the property prior? It can end in court if the landlord/agent does not ensure the property is completely free of harmful effects of animals having lived there? It will not work, professional companies may be employed at the outgoing tenants expense but what happens if their work is not fully effective & serious illness follows? Litigation/strife/finger pointing. It`s a NO from me, just impractical.

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The issue is ‘the after affect’, many people have allergies to animal fur air hair. Mites, fleas are also an after effect.

Animal affecting the ware & tear of the rented property ( and please don’t say children do, it’s different)

The are also lease conditions to consider

Then there is animal welfare when left on their own whilst owners are at work.

There are also considerations for neighbours when I.e cats have no same in leaving deposits. Likewise by dogs for uncaring owners.

Then there is in anti social impact to neighbours of significant barking due to lack of training.

Gardens left with animals deliveries.

The proposed changes in the law have no consideration if this.

Even with impeccable tenants and excellent care of pets, the early points still Apply.

Lastly there is Freedom of choice and this should be down to the landlord.

And if all that fails £100 + rent per month extra will become the norm.

How is that helping anyone?

As an avid animal lover, owner your home you have the freedom to do what you like and take your consequences.


I allowed a Pet, big mistake , never again


Yep if the council say in a lease no pets they would have to change the leasehold & you can pass it over to them! lets face it the councils got no money to change anything allegedly so I think you’re on pretty safe ground with that one


Do not jump the gun!!
I live here and I’m having no luck finding a place that will except my cats!! Just cause they are changing the law does not automatically mean they have to except pets!!
This has cost me many of properties and I’m going to be homeless in just under two weeks time.
Some estate agents either don’t know about this law or pretend not to.
Im honestly thinking of going back to Ireland it’s bad when I can’t get a place in my own country.

Can I asked what happened?
Please don’t be like that not all of us that have pets let them do damage.
I’ve rented my last two property’s with my cats and both my landlords are even will to write me a reference for them.
People like that shouldn’t have pets to begin with and it makes it hard for people in my situation.
Ps there’s also pet insurance that can be taken out by either the landlord or the tenant.
I’m sorry someone did that to your property

I allowed a jack russell, we had one, we took ours for walks and our house never smelled of a dog.
This couple asked I met the dog fine, but they let it poo in the garden and never take it for walks. The poo in the garden is not cleared up she blames the kids, its their job she says !!.
When I last visited I gave up counting 50 piles of poo, the dog when it goes out cannot avoid stepping in this and transferring it to the carpets.
PS why should the landlord take out insurance for their pet.


kids copy the parents I parent like that say they have 3 kids say the 3 kids have 3 each Thats a lot of people with probably the same attitude. Letrs hope they are not all renters


THE PROBLEM comes when the tenant moves in then acquires pets. Without a section 21 you ain’t going to get them out. I have had a real horror story when a woman actually started breeding dogs cost me £7,000 to sort out. There will of course be more wear and tear on a house.
We landlords need to wake up to the fact that we have a communist regime saying ownership of additional houses is a sin and we need to be punished thru fines, legislation, inability to realistically regain possession in a timely manner. The Goverments will not stop until every private landlord gives up. For a Goverment Landlords are a cash cow just like motorists. We are steadily selling props the removal of section 21 is the final straw


Well Said !!! …Tenants will also have to provide pet insurance so not all good for tenants !!

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I doubt very much that will be a required / acceptable condition on tenants with pets, but will stand corrected if you have evidence of this proposal.

However,… I doubt the pet insurance will be all encompassing of the costs / expenses associated with a pet clean up. Aside from the actual damage / fumigation rectification, there is loss of rent and council tax liability to consider for the void period, whilst the damage is assessed by the insurers loss adjusters and the work is arranged and undertaken. Not to mention the effort / hassle endured by the landlord.

Will the pet insurance policy allow the landlord to be registered as the claimant and beneficiary of said policy, because relying on the tenant to instigate a claim will be problematic, particularly if an excess is built into the policy.

I can promise you, it will never be straight forward, and landlords will continue to reject tenants with pets.