Rentguard (referencing) idiocy causing 'fail'

Hi all,

I am a tenant with a current openrent tenancy and was going through the process for a new one to move in with my partner.

I went through full referencing with RG last time and passed with flying colours, but this time they only did a credit check on our current addresses an none of the other stuff that goes with it. I came out with a narrow pass as have bills etc. in my name here - However my partner who was the lead tenant failed because her bills were included in her current tenancy and there was nothing in her name at that property.

I guess I am trying to advise landlords of this issue with the light touch referencing with RG and also ask what we could do to try and get property we really want with this landlord still as we both have exemplary credit ratings, secure jobs and current landlords perfectly happy to give us good references?

I believe that Rentguard do check former addresses as well as current. Did you both give them former addresses?

Rentguard trippled my premiums even though I have ever claimed. They are also choosing to fail anyone on the most menial of reasons as they have lost a packet due to claims due to Coid, and want to avoid any future claims, I wont go near them again.If you present your credentials to a decent landlord they would look at you favourably, I would.